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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3 Reasons Why The Giver Movie Is Better Than The Book

Books Aren't Always Better

My thoughts between The Giver book and The Giver movie is that the movie was actually a lot more intriguing, way better to understand, and left me with an amazing cliffhanger. Yes, yes, I know, a lot of other people say that the books are always better than the movies, but in this movie, it made me want to go home and finish the story right away. It left me on the edge of my seat waiting and wondering what’s going to happen next?
In The Giver movie, it seemed so much more intriguing than in the book because everything was happening so much more faster and I felt like I was being pulled into the actual movie itself. For example, when Jonas was being chased by the guards on motorcycles, everything was moving so fast and I was wondering what Jonas would do, oh he just jumped across a big cliff! I kind of like it when movies move fast and leave me wondering what might happen next. Being intrigued by a movie seems so much more important than just reading a book and not getting the full sense of the story. This is one reason why I think The Giver movie is better than the book.
While searching through the movie, I could understand all of the meanings and characteristics way better than I did while reading the book. The movie made me realize the characters' personality and feelings better. In the book I didn’t really know what the characters were like and what their feelings were. When Jonas and The Giver were planning Jonas’s escape, with maps, the memories were given as well in just that one setting. In the book, it took longer to realize what was actually happening. It just dragged the book on and on, I just wanted to know what would happen!
One of the main reasons why the movie it better than the book is that the ending had just such an amazing cliffhanger. The book did have a cliffhanger but I was not quite sure what just happened in the end. The movie, again, made it easier to understand because I could see what was going on. Plus, it seemed like there was so much more to the ending than just seeing the cabin in the snow and hearing singing and laughing. The book does grab me by a hook but then it just ends so quickly! The movie kind of dragged out the ending a little bit more which made me want to know what was going to happen next. What made me realize that Jonas and Gabriel got to a safe place was when Jonas actually saw the log cabin and heard the laughing and singing of a new community. Jonas was definitely a trooper through his whole experience and never wanted to give up. I think he wanted to show Gabriel what it’s like to be free, seeing things he had never seen before. In the book, I never actually knew if Jonas died or not, but in the movie, I could physically see him still standing and fighting for everyone in his community.
I definitely will stick with my agreement on the three reasons why the movie The Giver is better than the book.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"WOW" Memories!

The Landscape of Memory~

     The Landscape of Memory talked about some amazing people with incredible memories and how they can remember so much! It's crazy how someone can remember exactly who sat in which spot and who! I would never be able to do that! How to people have such crazy and awesome memories, unlike me?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Pedestrian...and...The Forecast

The Pedestrian~

     The pedestrian talks about a man named Leonard Mead who just walks for long hours and minutes all alone. One day, a police officer had to question him, then took him out of sight. That is pretty weird how Leonard didn't even see anyone during his long walks! Why did Leonard Mean never, ever see anyone else on his long walks except for the police officer?

The Forecast~

     The Forecast was mainly about a community hidden in the shadows of their home. I don't think I would want to live in this community because I want to see the sun rise and not see only darkness. Would you be able to live in such a dark world?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Apple That Changed Everything

Title:The Giver                                                                                                              Author: Lois Lowry

     As Jonas and Gabe were freezing in the depths of real snow, Jonas makes a memory of sunlight and warmth and shares it to Gabe who is cold and helpless. The warmth also helps Jonas climb up the hill easier. I can't believe that the author doesn't end up telling us if they live a happy life in the end. What will happen next? Will they make it and live happy? Or not?

Lois Lowry's Speech:

     In Lois Lowry's speech (p177-179), she gives examples of what kids have thought about on The Giver. I thought that it was cool when she said that she wants others to almost make up the ending of the book so they could have some fun with it too.What was Lois Lowry's most fun part about writing this book?     

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Long, Hard Nights

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In these chapters, Jonas's plan to escape works, so far. He takes Gabriel because he heard that he was going to be released the next morning. It has been long, hard nights for Jonas and Gabriel. They are starving and weak. I think I would've taken Gabriel too because I would not want him to die either. Why were they going to release Gabriel?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Team Plan

Title: The Giver                                                                                                              Author: Lois Lowry

     Jonas and The Giver are planning out a way so that Jonas can escape the community. One quote from The Giver that I love at the end is, "...When my work here is finished, I want to be with my daughter." ---Jonas, " I didn't know you had a daughter, Giver "---The Giver, " Her name was Rosemary." I just thought it was a very lovable moment for The Giver and pulled me in even more. Will Jonas weave through the community, or not!?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bye Bye, Little Guy

Title: The Giver                                                                                                              Author: Lois Lowry

     Jonas saw a horrifying site. He had to watch a clip of how his own father killed a poor innocent child. He did this by sticking a needle/syringe through the baby's forehead and injecting a liquid to kill it. If I were Jonas, I would lay it all on my father because how could he do such a thing like killing another life?! How is Jonas going to handle this when he gets back home?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Giver's True Love

Title: The Giver                                                                                                              Author: Lois Lowry

     In these chapters, Jonas does not like the game that Asher and his friends are playing because it reminded Jonas of the war memory he had. There were fake guns and people pretending that they were dead. Jonas started to cry as Asher apologized. Jonas finds out that the last Receiver was a female that the Giver had loved. Her name was Rosemary and the GIver didn't want to give her painful memories, so he gave her loneliness and loss. The Giver never got to see her again after those memories but he still got a kiss from her. I predict that that will be similar to what Jonas and Fiona end up like. Does the Giver's job ever get passed down?

Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Christmas!

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In this chapter, Jonas gets  a memory of Christmas! He sees bright lights, people laughing, presents, and children grinning. He wasn't so sure what he was looking at. At the very end of the chapter, the author gives us a hint on what part of the book we are now in. We are now in the inciting incident! Finally after 16 chapters! I think that the author did a smart move on putting the inciting incident in the farther part of the book because we are always wondering when that part will occur. Why did the author put the inciting incident so far back in the story?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another sled ride!?

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In these two chapters, Jonas has another memory of the sled but this time it actually hurt. Jonas slides down the hill but when he hits a bump, he goes flying. Not knowing what will happen, Jonas hits his whole body onto the rugged snow.  Vomiting and bleeding, Jonas wakes up and ends the story in pain.  The last memory that Jonas had, was about a boy who needed water very badly, so Jonas had to try and get him the water  that he needed. Jonas's arm was cut so more pain occurred. I don't think I would like these memories very much because they seem like they would hurt a lot.  For me, I like the memories in previous chapters because they don't hurt as much and because they're more fun filled. But, the painful memories to teach you a valuable lesson. Why is The Giver  giving Jonas these horrible memories?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I see and Elephant!

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In this chapter, Jonas learns what an elephant is and sees some more colors like green. The Giver teaches him more about the colors. Jonas askes The Giver if he had a spouse, he said that his spouse lived in a different house. Jonas asked if he could have a spouse and a baby one day. I think that I would also love those hilusinations because they seem very fun if you don't know what those things are. Do all of the resevers have those moments when something changes just like Jonas has?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Am I Seeing?

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     Chapter 11 and 12 are very interesting chapters. In these chapters, Jonas learns the meanings of snow,sled,hill,downhill, and runner. After the old man brought him back to his memories, Jonas didn't remember the sled ride in the snow. Jonas wanted to do it again because he thought it was very cool and he wanted to try different things. The old man also taught him what a sunburn was. At the end of chapter 11, Jonas asked what the old mans name was, he said "The Giver"! Jonas told The Giver that he could see beyond and that things change like the apple, the crowds face, Fiona's hair, and the books. The Giver told him he was seeing the color red, so the next time Jonas sees The Giver, he will teach Jonas about a rainbow. I think that I might love learning about a rainbow if I were Jonas because it sounds pretty amazing. I also predict that Jonas will end up learning all the colors. Why didnt Jonas tell The Giver that he could see things change in the beginning so that he could learn the colors faster and understand the faster?

Monday, April 11, 2016

What's Snow?

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In these few chapters, Jonas gets his letter for being the Resever. The letter gives him the rules of being a Resever and where to go for training. Jonas goes to the Annex which is where he needs to go for training. A previous Resever helped Jonas and talked him through the process. He mentions snow and sorts but Jonas doesn't even know what snow is! I think that I would've been more confident throughout the meeting because Jonas was correcting himself every time he said something to make sure that he was doing everything perfect. I don't really have a question but I just am wanting to know what will happen when the older makes Jonas know what snow is all about.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Selection

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In chapter 7 and 8, it's one of the most exciting parts because Jonas has his selection. The Elders go through the order like 1-40, Jonas was # 19. Eighteen,---,TWENTY!!!?? They skipped Jonas in the line up. Jonas was confused and felt sick to his stomach. At the very end, The Elders brought Jonas up to tell him he was a very rare selection. I think I would almost rather have a normal job than being a selection just because you can do what you want in that job. What exactly is a selection?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nervous To Be a Twelve

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In these chapters, Jonas has to take pills to get over his normal "stirrings" and finally gets over them. I also learned from this next part about how every time you move up in cermonies, for example, you are in the eights, then you move up to nines, you get a "prize" each time. For nines, they get bikes, for twelves, they get their assignment. I think that I would like getting a prize every time you graduate up because you get a reward for all the work you have done. Like getting a front buttoned up shirt means that you have earned independence. One question I have is do you keep on getting rewards after twelve or no?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Magic Apple

Title: The Giver                                                                                                         Author: Lois Lowry

     In chapter three and four, a few things happened. Jonas and Asher were tossing an apple and Jonas noticed that once he tossed it, the apple changed. He kept trying to figure out what was wrong with it but never found out. Jonas also visited the Olders "homes". He noticed a cute girl named Fiona, and he also helped bathe the Olders. I was kind of curious on what was happening with the apple, so we will have to read more to find out if there is even an answer. I was not clear on whether Jonas actually worked at the Older place or just volunteered.

Monday, April 4, 2016

New Learnings

Title: The Giver                                                                                                              Author: Lois Lowry

     In these two chapters, Jonas has a little talk with his parents about the ceremonies and naming children and learning how he would get a job and more. I was kind of confused when they were saying "the elevens, the ones, the nines, etc." because I wasn't so sure on what they were really talking about until I got closer to the end of chapter two. I just want to know what they really mean on that kind of stuff. If they mean ages or something.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

And again "UTOPIA!"

     I read an article named "Utopia" again...( The author mentioned that Sir Thomas More wrote the first 'Utopia'. Sir Thomas More also coined the word 'Utopia' from the Greek ou-topos which means 'no place' or 'nowhere'. The almost identical Greek word eu-topos means good place. The author also askes a question like "can a perfect world ever be realised?". The author askes a bunch of other questions that she/he doesn't even know about yet. I think that this article was a lot easier to understand, even though it was a smaller article than yesterday's, because it focused more on one topic for a while longer and gave questions for us to wonder about too.

Monday, March 21, 2016


     I read "Utopia" ( The author mentioned that utopia is about a nonexistent gob of explaining what utopia really means because I could understand it better than when Mr.Coward first told us the word.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Screen Free Week~Article 2

     I read "Making 'Screen-Free Week' Permanent?" ( The author stated that they think it would be a great idea to do a Screen-Free Week. She stated some facts she found on another article that gave me an idea to actually think about doing a Screen-Free Week at school. I found those facts interesting because they gave more detail so someone would get it better and maybe even change their mind about not doing a Screen-Free Week. I think that the author is on the same page as I am because she has thought of similar ideas and solutions that I have also thought of.